Here you can find presentation materials from our events in addition to other materials related to the topic.


25.10.2012 Design ROI launch event (only in Finnish)

Antti Pitkänen, Design ROI – Design ROI – Mitattavaa muotoilua
Heikki Vauhkonen, Tulikivi – Muotoilu osana strategiaa
Jaakko Aspara, Aalto-yliopisto – Muotoilun mittaaminen taloudellisesta näkökulmasta


The Finnish Design ROI project, Sharing Experience Europe (SEE), Bulletin Issue 9 June 2013

Other publications:

Harju, A., 2012. Design: The driving force behind intangible capital? Case Design Index companies, M.Sc. Aalto University of Business.

Jonkka, J., 2012. Design performance measures in the context of Finnish design consultancies and their client companies, M.Sc. Aalto University of Business.

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